Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Value of Me...and You

I am reminded today how thankful I am that our value and worth doesn't depend on what others say or do to me, or what others think of me, or what their perception is of my significance.

My place on this planet was established in Eternity past, and God placed me in His plan. I am so important to Him that He sent His only Son to suffer, and die to take my punishment and to make a way for me to have a reconciled relationship with God.

Some today will question and doubt the love of family and friends. We never have to question God's ongoing love for us. Unchanging and constant, even when we are at our least lovely. We can never work hard enough, or long enough or do enough good to make God love us any more, or any less.

Relationships with those around us pale when compared to what we have because of Jesus' obedience to His Father on our behalf. Revel in the beauty of His love and care and don't think twice about what should be or might be or might have been in this world. Give God the honor and praise due Him for Who He is, and what He has done/ is doing/ will do.

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